2003 BUPA Manchester 10k Run

2003 BUPA Manchester 10k run


Alas, last years run was the last of its kind here. It has now been 'upgraded' to the Manchester 10K run which means an extra mile and it is altogether a much bigger event. It certainly felt much longer than last year LOL.  This race took place on 26th May which was a bank holiday monday. It started at 11am and the course was once around the city centre starting at Albert Square and finishing at the G-Mex Centre. I forgot to mention last year that there are quite a few 'celebs' who take part in these races, soap stars mostly.  I can't say I've ever seen a famous person on these tracks but I wouldn't know a soap star if one ran me over LOL!  The weather behaved which was nice but the race got off to a slow start as there were so many runners. It took us all about 10 minutes to get away from the starting line. A good run but completely exhausting especially the incline leading up to the finish in the G-Mex. The tv camera's were in here. It was still very busy a long time after the race was over.  

http://www.bbc.co. uk/manchester/getinvolved/2003/05/26/mancrun.shtml    

This year I managed to raise US$800 for Starfish!