2002 Manchester Women's 5 mile Run

2002 Manchester women's 5 mile run

Wow  I have so much to say here! Every fun run I have taken part in for Starfish has been a pleasure. This was my first sponsored run for them and it remains the most exciting one to date closest to my heart for so many reasons. I don't think any other race will quite live up to the buzz and the way I felt on this particular day. The fact that this was my first race adds to that I think as I soaked up the atmos. This run took place on Sunday 26th May in Manchester. It was a women only race, a distance of 5 miles twice around the city centre. Both laps took a different route, the second one going through Coronation Street. The race did however start and finish at the same place, in front of the town hall (Albert Square). My friend Kirstie and I both finished pelting together across the finish line. We were very happy and proud of each other. Our other 2 pals followed about 20 minutes later. By this time it was raining. I'm sure you can see by the photo's what a great time we all had. I couldn't quite believe it at the time as I never anticipated raising such an amount but here I was able to raise $1000 for Starfish! This remains the highest total to date. I never lose sight of the fact that without all my sponsors and supporters, that this wouldn't be possible xxx Also I have my friend Kirstie to thank for getting me into this. Last year she did the Great North Run and last month during a pub lunch she said she was doing this race. She asked if we would all do it with her and to my surprise everyone said yes without hesitation. Including me, lol, but I knew right off what cause  I wished to support. A lovely thing which I never expected was that when Mr Hauer learned what I was planning to do he asked Starfish to send me 4 of their experimental t-shirts. These were unique and yet to hit the merchandise market so I felt touched already! What a day, and the excitement didn't end there. Next month I was to be handing the sponsor money over personally to Mr Hauer at the NYC Convention! I could hardly wait. I was so looking forward to meeting my online friends / other RH fans too. Two months after this race, the commonwealth games took place in this fair city.