Silverstone Half Marathon

Silverstone Half Marathon 2015

Well, another year another run! I am in training already for this one as it is on Sunday March 15th. Having ran around a racecourse last year and Amsterdam Olympic stadium in 2012, what else is there? ;) So yes I will be running around the iconic F1 circuit and I cannot wait! The website for this run can be found at this link:


Starfish have beautifully updated my webpage for me on their site. A huge thank you to them! <3


Upon finding out I was doing this, Rutger said ‘such a lovely trooper xxxx’ Well its such a wonderful cause and someone has to.  

My good friend Tori Ratcliffe came through for me as always with a fab t-shirt design. You can see her work on her website


To keep up with training etc please look at my facebook page


I guess it will soon be here. If you want to do your wee bit to help Rutger and Starfish then please consider sponsoring me. Every little really does help and is immensely appreciated. Just go to the ‘sponsoring me’ page on this site and scroll down to the bottom to the Paypal button. I am happy to answer any questions. Please use the ‘contact me’ page to contact me via Twitter, Facebook etc. Or you could PM me on Facebook. It was my pleasure and I am overjoyed to have raised 417 euro’s for Starfish. You can read the details of this run on my blog here:   I hope you enjoy the photo’s  

as well. In July of this year something happened which I couldn’t have expected in my wildest dreams. Starfish* made me a  member of their board of scientific advisors! I will always feel truly honoured by this and strive to do my best for them. Eternal thanks and love to Rutger and the team.

Lots of love and gratitude to all of my friends and supporters for being beside me for another year.

        Peace and good health Sarah xxx