2008 BUPA Manchester 10k Run

Exciting news, its that time of the year again! I am happy to report that I am participating in this sponsored run to raise funds for The Rutger Hauer Starfish Foundation. This run takes place around Manchester city centre on Sunday 18th May and so I'm officially in training and collecting sponsorship xxx. Thank you for visiting and SO much sponsoring. I would also  be thrilled if you signed my guestbook. DEDICATION: 1st April. Very sad news. Please read the dedication alongside photos on the next page. UPDATE 24th May. Another great fund raising race completed. I'm very happy. I arrived in good time and the city area was already packed with folks as eager as me. The race started on Oxford Road went through Salford Quays as always, finishing in the city centre along Deansgate. Before the race as I waited for the warm up, photo's were taken as usual. This time though we experimented with mpegs which was fun! You can see the results of this lol on Starfish's website. Bless them xxx The weather was on our side and was perfect for running, to me anyway. Sunny, dry and fresh crisp air! This run was one of the most memorable and strangest races I've ran so far. I say strange because well for most of the run everybody was walking! Alas I confess, this did not encourage me to run although I did have a few power surges lol, and saw some very funny costumes which put mine in the shade. Consequently, this means that I was in with no chance of besting my time but I didn't care. You'll notice from the photo's that the hat has remade an appearance again, as it matches this years t-shirt. Stylish eh? Anyway, it was an emotional race too, thinking of Mike plus there were loud speakers randomly placed along the course pumping out the lovely haunting tones of one Freddie Mercury. I ran by tv camera's but alas missed watching the televised event so I will never know. Apparently though you can watch it online (iplayer) and I gather it will be shown a few times on Sky Sports on 28th May. Mission accomplished once again and I am so proud and happy. I hope you enjoy the photo's. I shall add one of the certificate when I get it. Thank you SO very much to friends, family and all the kind people who have encouraged,supported and supported me. A huge thank you Starfish too for all the wonderful work they do 24/7 xxx I wish you all a happy healthy year.  Until next year, take care xxx