2008 BUPA Manchester 10k Run

2007 Liverpool Women's 10k run

Its now 2 days since I completed this race, which took place 13th May 2007 around Liverpool's beautiful Sefton park. It started at 11am and was a sunny morn considering the dire forcast for today.I arrived there in good time. The weather was kind to us during this run and it didn't become overcast until afterwards. Not many costumes to be seen this year and I didn't wear any either. I had hoped to wear my wings again but can't find them at the moment. As usual I was full of that warm and fuzzy feeling you get from helping others. I enjoyed the run and was doing quite well in terms of getting a personal best time and was grateful for the 2 water stops along the way lol. I would have knocked 5 minutes of my time but I made a friend in stead. We met up during the run and carried on running and chatting togther and went for it together across the finish line. Great stuff! Then I was immediately not too well, tempted by a massage but think that once I lie down at this point I won't get up again! Anyway, I'm happy, mission accomplished and there are folks alot worse off. I must thank my partner for taking all the photo's, he has commented several times that I don't take a good photo, I think you can see that for yourself. I'm just relieved his attempt at mpeging me during the warmup failed ;) It took me 1 hour and 26 minutes to cross the finish line.

Thank you too all my lovely sponsors for supporting me yet again mwaahhhs.

Much appreciated by me Hugsssss..... hope to do it all again next year.....Photo's of this run are on the next page! Love Sarah xxx

Friday June 15th UPDATE: All sponsor money has now been collected and sent to RH Starfish Association. I am very pleased to let you know that this year we raised £165 =US$ 325! Just like last year Starfish rounded this up to 500 euro's and sent the money to the Tanzania Project xxx


To date I have raised by my reckoning USD 3367 thanks to lots of wonderful regular and irregular supporters.Here is the link to the liverpool site for more info about this city and this particular fun run.


The Rutger Hauer Starfish Association put online on their site news of this event. This would be the second year in a row they have done this for me.I shall always feel honoured. A huge thank you to them and Mr Hauer for this, and my unending appreciation and admiration.Here is the link to that page:


Love xxx