2005 Sheffield 1 mile Santa Dash


And what a great way to end the year, especially as I thought this one was going to go by without me doing a fun run for Starfish. Pleased that didn't happen and proud not to have broken up the continuity. I missed out on the usual May run as its popularity has soared and the maximum number of entrants was reached incredibly early. Also, I wasn't contacted about registering as I should've been Ah well never mind about that, time to get back to the running and the festive mood lol. This fun run took place on Sunday 11th December, in Sheffield City centre. A city I love as I lived and studied here for many years.  The dash was a 1 mile sprint around the city centre starting at 12.30pm. It was a lovely day, and great fun. Hope you enjoy the jolly photos and as you can see quality isn't everything lol. A huge warm thank you as ever to all my lovely sponsors. Hope you all had a merry and memorable christmas. In this event I managed to raise a total of $220 for The Rutger Hauer Starfish Foundation xxx